Q & A type bulletin board

Here, we will introduce two Q & A-style bulletin boards that anyone can use for free. Both require free membership registration. There is also an official app, so you can easily use it from your smartphone.

Yahoo! Chiebukuro

This is a question board operated by the search engine yahoo. There are all kinds of categories, and it is the largest in Japan and has a large number of users, so it is one of the attractions that it is highly likely that you will get an answer as soon as you post a question. In the category of “chat, chat”, there are many pure chat and questionnaire-like topics like traditional bulletin boards rather than questions.

Tell me! goo

It is a question board with almost the same format as Yahoo! Chiebukuro, and is operated by the search engine goo. We are focusing on security, such as age restrictions on adult-related questions and deletion of inappropriate posts.