Here, we will introduce “LINE WORKS,” a business service provided by LINE that allows you to use bulletin boards in the in-house community.

Business service with the same usability as LINE

It is a business plan that allows team schedules, task management, and communication with the outside to be done on LINE. One of the functions is a bulletin board within the team. You can classify and organize bulletin boards by category and use them according to your needs. There is also a read confirmation function, which is convenient for understanding information sharing.

There are free plans and paid plans, and there are three types of paid plans: light for 300 yen a month, basic for 500 yen a month, and basic for 1000 yen a month.

The free plan has restrictions on the use of some services such as task management, driving, and support. With the paid plan, the functions and capacity that can be used will increase as the price goes up.